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12v Digital switch with 2 wire connection to decoder or radio controlled
Vandal proof die-cast aluminium case IP54
Illuminated relief keypad with protective top
255 Programmable combinations
Intelligent: environmental brightness con troll
Sensor keyboard will only light up when necessary
Cheep: extra low consumption the transmission will
Activate when the user presses the key,and switch
Itself off automatically
NICE Keypads

Ideal companions to the entry phone to allow
authorised personnel to obtain entry through the gates .
An additional unit fitted inside the gates can be used for exiting the grounds
  ERA radio transmitter 
Digital Keypad Wired Entry Unit
Radio-controlled digital switch wireless device , with the
Safety of the rolling code system.
Convenient: no wiring necessary range 200 m outdoors  
35 m indoors.
Sturdy: Vandal-proof die-cast aluminium casing IP54