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Our Guarantee
Compliant with the relevant European directives EN 17025 Standards
Nice Uk
We will give your gates a full free service call 1 year after installation
At this time any obvious defective parts will be changed at no cost to you.
We will phone you when this is due
We then can if you wish, do a Yearly service call
If any parts are failing we will attempt to change them on that day.
We carry most parts in our mobile workshop.
The technician carries a price list for the parts with him and will give you the price before any changes are made.
The Service consists of
Checking that all electrical parts are in working order and settings are correct
Greasing and checking of moving parts
Cleaning out any foreign object found in the motor boxes.
There is no warranty on the paint finish as the variable conditions were the gates are fitted will affect the longevity of the finish (e.g. Road salt and discharges from trees or animals) and the charge for painting is for the time taken in putting the finish on the gates only.
You should have received a tin of touch-up paint to use on any weak spots and along the joints (if you require any more this is available free of charge from the showroom.)
Nice Uk
Approved Installer
Due to the confidence in the reliability of the   Nice Uk Equipment
Which we have used for over 12 years with the majority still using all the
original parts we offer you the following warranty.
The Nice automatic equipment carries a full warranty for 2 Years
This warranty is subject to normal usage and does not cover malicious damage or misuse
  All other parts 1 year
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